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Project and execution of renovation works for energy-saving buildings

While we work on the projects, we are very sensitive to the materials and impact of our work. We cooperate with the customer to manage their expectations and provide the best results possible.

GREENGEN GROUP SRL aims to make customers’ vision come alive. We work with them on every part of the process and on the savings that some choices can offer.

Diagnostic and Energy Efficiency of Buildings


This kind of project requires a series of compliance measures to ensure the industry standards. We successfully complete our projects on time and on budget. We fulfil our promise to work with high quality services ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.

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Renewable Energy Plants

If you are looking for a qualified contractor to handle a challenging project, we are here to prove our worth. We were able to achieve excellent results on time and within budget.

We work alongside the customers to understand their needs and preferences, and the positive results speak for themselves.

Trulli Renovation


GREENGEN GROUP SRL offers consulting and building renovation of trulli both for residential use and for turistic purposes. The trulli restoration is a work that should take into account many factors, first of all the respect of the building tradition that must be integrated with modern and functional plants and elements. This is why it is important to rely on experts.

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Masserie Renovation

GREENGEN GROUP SRL offers consulting and building renovation of masserie both for residential use and for touristic purposes. Restoring a masseria requires a detailed design and painstaking work that has to ensure the conservation and preservation of these historical monuments, changing only in part their functions and uses.

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